Help Your Local Community And Become A Volunteer

Nonprofits would not be nearly as successful without volunteers and if you feel passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business, we can use your help.

There are many benefits to the volunteers as well such as meeting new people, making new friends and building your local community. Increase your outlook on life by being exposed to diverse ways of making a living and learning how to cooperate with people, building your own confidence, self esteem and becoming more cheerful, decrease stress and increase physical activity. Studies have shown that volunteering improves your attitude, brain function and problem solving skills as well as gaining job prospects and career advancement.

We Have Many Opportunities To Choose From:

• Package Products & Ship
• Help Setup & Takedown
• Spread Flyers & Postcards
• Manage Inventory & Supplies
• Participate In "How To Demonstrations"
• Process Customers For Check-Out
• Teach A Class/Workshop
• Clean Booths, Stations & Venues
• Help Direct Trafic
• Be An Announcer
• Assist a Photographer Or Videographer
• Deliver Or Pickup Items/Food
• ...And More