Mentoring Is More Than Just A Fancy Word For Supporting Someone Else

It is a commitment of time and effort that is rewarding and provides a sense of fulfillment that goes beyond leadership and management. It is knowing that you have made an impact on your mentee whilst at the same time undertaking some valuable self reflection, which can only have positive outcomes for your own leadership.

Being a mentor is an idea that all leaders should subscribe to and imagine what the state of leadership might be like if this were the case.

Benefits To Becoming A Mentor

Support A Future Leader
Get the chance to play a role in developing a new leader and leave a legacy.

Build Networks By Becoming Part Of The Mentoring Community
Relationships are a key to success and that network of people is a powerful resource that allows you to provide support and share insights.

Get A Chance To Practice Solutions-Based Thinking
This is a discipline to take into your own leadership and workplace.

Mentoring Establishes Your Credibility As A Leader And Brings Business Opportunities
By Demonstrating you have the ability to develop others you become more valuable to future clients and employers.

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